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Prime Employee Leasing Company

Working with partners to achieve sustainable growth

Who we are...

Prime Employee Leasing Company provides Business Support Programmes capable of addressing the needs of organisations, enabling them to run profitable and effective businesses.

We provide support in the areas of Sales Management, Employee Training & Leasing, Financial Management, Agency Set up & Support, and other business development support initiatives.

What we do...

We help companies apply and incorporate methodologies, tools, and latest best practices to address several sales and business growth challenges.

Our Academy offers a holistic approach to sales and business competency development whose goal is to take the sales professionals from “hearing and knowing” to practical application of the skills¬†learnt, in their sales and relationship management work.

We offer efficient models for your organizations to help you grow. Among the services we offer include, Financial Management, Debt and Cash Management and Skip Tracing.

We help to onboard the right fit sales people for your organization, by providing innovative and customer-focused brand experience solutions which allow your customers to have memorable experiences with your brand.

Our Services

Sales/ Training/ Consultancy

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